Modules extend the Form Tools Core, providing additional functionality in different areas, if needed. With modules, you can do things like send all Form Tools emails with SMTP (Swift Mailer module), convert submissions into simple user accounts to allow the users to log back in to re-edit their submissions (Submission Accounts module), and more. Click here to browse the list of currently available modules.


Unlike its predecessor, all Form Tools 2 pages are rendered via themes. Form Tools 2 comes bundled with the powerful Smarty templating engine, ensuring complete separation of the PHP and presentation layer. Click here for a list of available themes.


Form Tools 2 comes with its own API (Application Programming Interface), helping to allow communication and integration between Form Tools and the outside world. With the API, you can do things like display form submissions in your own webpages, add CAPTCHAs to your forms and submit your form submission with PHP. Click here to download the latest version and read the user documentation.

Facebook Forms

Like to display your forms on Facebook? No problem! This module lets you display any form configured in Form Tools in Facebook, with no programming - and very little configuration. Click here to read the module documentation to find out if it can help! Please note this only supports Form Tools Core 2.1.0 or later.

Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress users can use this plugin to provide an alternative way to view and manage their Form Tools data. For many folks, this can be a much more convenient way to interact with their data: no more logging into two places! Click here to download the latest version and read the user documentation.